Back to School | Back to Gym | Back to Kickboxing

Today was my first day back to kickboxing, this year, 2018. I had been sick with a weird upper respiratory tract infection since Christmas, so I had to skip my kickboxing classes. After having finally gotten over the “flu”,  I yearned to get back to my kickboxing routine.

The kickboxing class was as intense as always. Sensei, didn’t spare us from the punishment. But, even thought it was hard on my lungs, since I had basically regressed in terms of my fitness, I was happy to be back, knowing that I’d get back to my usual fitness level in no time.

I will admit though, I did wish that I could have left earlier, or sat-out part of the class, to rest my chest, or perhaps, done a special exercise that wasn’t as intense. But, I didn’t dare ask for any special treatment. I was taking a kickboxing class with everyone else; and, like everyone else, I was going to do those drills and those workouts with everything in me. That’s the only way to approach a kickboxing class.

So, now you know: don’t bother pitching up to kickboxing classes if you are not 100% committed to doings ALL the workouts and drills. If you have excuses to cheat or lag behind, leave them at home; or, better yet, stay home with your excuses.