Best Sources Of Protein


Best Sources Of Protein


Best Protein Source

Being one of those girls who prefer a toned body with a healthy amount of muscle that is not bulky, I have always made sure I got enough protein to maintain my body shape and muscle tone. I have tried every protein on the planet and this is my not-so expert advice.

How great is soy protein?

Best Sources Of Protein - Soy

Soy, being a vegetarian source of protein, is not very filling. Therefore, you find yourself feeling hungry and eating more than usual. Your energy levels will tend to decline quickly, making you eat more, causing you to gain weight. That is why I do not recommend soya or soy, unless you have no way to find alternatives protein sources.

What are the better forms of protein?

The best forms of protein are nuts, milk, eggs and meat. Even though nuts are vegetarian, they are a good energy source, keeping you fuller for longer.

How delicious is whey protein?

Best Sources Of Protein - Whey Powder

Milk protein is the first form of protein, we have ever tasted. We grew up with milk. Milk protein is complete with 10 essential amino acids that will provide you with all the protein building blocks. Milk protein has a very sweet and milky flavour. It is especially good if you have a sweet tooth and prefer sweet cold and warm beverages. Because milk protein is so light and delicious, it is extremely easy to over-indulge in it.

I do not encourage you to eat too much protein, especially from meat sources like milk. Whey protein tends to be very fattening. Too much indulgence in this yummy protein served with sugar could also make you feel bloated, too. I love adding whey powder to make milky things taste even milkier. However, this is only on days that I need a treat and a pick-me-up.

Are you nuts about protein?

Best Sources Of Protein - Nuts


Nuts are a 100% vegan form of protein. Nuts are great if you are on the move and are not much of an eater. Some marathon runners nibble on peanuts and raisins, instead of energy gels, to sustain their energy stores. The nice thing about nuts is you do not have to know how to cook to enjoy them. Even if you do not have a nutcracker, it is not a problem because nuts with soft shells such as peanuts and cashews are much cheaper and easier to find than nuts with harder shells. So, if you want to try a completely raw diet, go with nuts. I am nuts about them.

How complete are egg proteins?

Best Sources Of Protein - Eggs

Those of you who enjoy a warm meal that is light, filling and complete with all essential amino acids should choose eggs as their main source of protein. Bear in mind, though, that if you want to stay slim, you will need to limit your protein intake to once daily. You will bulk up, unless you are eating small portions. This is not easy to do with eggs, since they are already so compact and high in calories.

I love meat, like most people.

Best Sources Of Protein - Meat

To the meat lovers out there: you do not need to eat meat protein every day, to be honest. You will be fine eating meat just once or twice a week. The same goes for other protein sources. Too much protein is just as bad as too much fat or too many carbohydrates. Do not put the blame on only the buns in the burger. Blame the beef patty for the obesity too.

Protein Moderation

Best Sources Of Protein - Eat Protein in Moderation

To follow a healthy eating plan, you must also eat protein in moderation. Most of us, who are fortunate enough to eat three meals daily, are already eating more than the recommended amount of protein.


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Take some of my advice and see some results.