Error Establishing A Database Has Been a Problem

I would like to apologise for any inconvenience you have had while trying to access How to Kick Box. Our site has been difficult to reach. It’s been saying “Error establishing a database”. What happened was that the database would keep on shutting down. I would switch it back on, but and after a few hours or days it would shut down again.

This is how I would switch MySql back on, using the command prompt.

sudo netstat -plt

sudo systemctl start mysql

Google could not detect the error or give me warnings because the site was technically not offline. It was just a database error. It was annoying logging on to the site and seeing a blank page.

However, something went wrong somehow and I got what bloggers like to call the white screen of death. What happened was that that my dashboard was blank.

I searched online using DuckDuckGo for a solution. It turns out that one of my plugins caused the problem. To fix the problem, I did the following steps.

  1. I opened my site directories with FileZilla FTP Client
  2. I renamed the plugins folder to plugins1, which deactivated all of the plugins.
  3. The dashboard was now working again, so I changed the name of the plugins1 folder back to plugins.
  4. I activated the plugins one at a time.
  5. When I activated one of the plugins called Postie, the white screen of death returned.
  6. I went back to the FTP folder and renamed the culprit Postie plugin folder to postie1, which deactivated it.
  7. The admin dashboard returned and I was able to delete the Postie plugin.

I think that an update to the Postie plugin was the cause of the database error. I hope that the steps that I took as above have fixed the problem for good. I was about to backup and reinstall mysql database. Thankfully, I did not go through all of that trouble.

Now, all you kickboxing fans can enjoy the site and send feedback. I will be reconfiguring the plugins settings. I hope everything runs smoothly from now on, so I can focus on my kickboxing training schedule.

2 thoughts on “Error Establishing A Database Has Been a Problem

  1. I just helped someone with this problem a few weeks. Seems it is more common than most people think

    1. Yes, Larry, it was like a recurring nightmare where everytime something went wrong, you’d wake up and then have to have the same nightmare the next night.

      It was just awful how I went in circles from Google to support forum, then to blog and back again.

      But, you know what? I think I was lucky. I’ve realized that even though code and programming is supposed to be a computer science, a lot of it’s success depends on luck – and “trial amd error”.

      I just happened to have the right series of problems at the right time and worded my searches in the right way.

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