Five Reasons Kickboxing Will Not Help You Lose Weight

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Is taking up kickboxing classes guaranteed to turn you into a sexy mamma? No. Not if you are going about it all wrong.

Here are five reasons why kickboxing may not help you lose weight.

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1. You skip gym classes.

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Every day that you decide to take a rain check on your commitment to the sport, you reduce your fitness levels. Each day that you do not go to that muay thai class, your heart gets weaker. For every day that you are not hopping or jumping for at least 20 minutes, your lung capacity is decreasing. Guess what else happens when you opt-out of a workout. While sitting on that couch or lying around watching YouTube, your muscles are wasting to atrophy. The only thing you might gain from skipping class instead of rope is some fat around your waistline. You can reverse your decline in fitness by attending the dojo at least 3 days a week to start seeing your body transform. Kickboxing is very beneficial.

2. You only do every other exercise repetition or “kata”.

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Thinking that no one sees you slacking, you do five push-ups, or burpees instead of ten. You might be fooling your instructor, who does not see you lower your knees while doing standard planks, but you are not fooling your body. You will not gain the much-needed fat-fighting muscle mass if pain puts you off. Strive to do every repetition to the end. Go hard, before you go home. You can rest after gym.

3. You never go all the way with workouts.


You never execute an exercise with perfect form and motion to your full capability. You feel it is no big deal to do an exercise halfway, like squats  with your back half way straight or push-ups with your bum sticking out, instead of aligned with your body. You do these things, not because you do not know better, but because you are lazy and set in your ways. If you tried to apply yourself to each workout, you would see an improvement in your technique, fitness level and body shape.

4. You still overeat.

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You treat food as a reward for a hard day’s work, as if every day spent at the gym deserves a slab of chocolate. Attending gym regularly does not mean that you have developed immunity to calories. Doing a hundred push-ups is not enough to make you invincible to extra large hamburgers and fries. Exercise is not an excuse to over-indulge. Obesity does not have to be permanent. All you have to do is find new ways that do not include food to reward yourself. Try to eat healthy proteins before or after workouts in moderation, instead. This article on WebMD will help you do damage control after binging.

5. You give up too soon.

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You either have or will quit your kickboxing class within a month of joining. Eighty percent of people do. There are a few reasons people quit kickboxing. I, Estelita Scott, also used to want to quit. Sometimes, I still do. I wanted to quit because I wanted to take dancing or weightlifting instead. Sometimes I wanted to quit because other people were quitting and it is normal for us to follow trends. One time, I nearly quit because I started to resent my sensei. He actually threw a basketball in my face during his dodge ball type exercise drill, which upset me. Then there was the time, another fellow student made my nose bleed. Everyday there is a new reason why I want to quit kickboxing. There will always be reasons and excuses to quit. However, it is up to us to fight the urge to give up on our dreams. Nothing is easy. Many things in this life are hard. Sometimes we breed contempt for the things we once loved. However, sometimes we just have to get things done, whether it makes us happy or not. Quitting will not make you happy.


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The truth is a tough pill to swallow. Kickboxing is not arts and crafts, or a walk on the beach. It is a tough sport. Part of this discipline is tough love. The martial arts are not some kind of hippie lifestyle where people only focus on positive energy. You need to take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and make a promise to yourself that you will work harder to reach your fitness goals to lose weight, get stronger, tone muscle, be more flexible or know self-defence. Be prepared to fight hard to achieve your goals.

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  1. Awesome article!!! All truths. I love strenuous workouts that really get you fired up throughout your body. I slacked and tried the gyms with equipment, but my body responds best to right down to it exercise. Thanks for the kick in the buns.

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