How Can Kickboxing Benefit Me?

There are so many sports programs out there from which to choose, so why should I do kickboxing? I have to tell you that if you do any other exercise program, you will have to participate in a variety of sports and exercise routines just to have a balanced fitness level. This isn’t the case with kickboxing because with every kickboxing class, you do a full body workout routine that includes exercise movements that train your upper body, arms, abdominal muscles, back, backside and legs. And, during each workout, you train to improve your endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. What other exercise programs are out there that could give you such in-depth workout routines that focus on every aspect of fitness?

Here is what will happen when you take up kickboxing as your choice of sports or exercise:

You will feel good.

After every kickboxing class you will have an increased amount of endorphins running through your veins, making you feel a sense of calm and well-being. Finally, you won’t need constant quick fixes like junk food or addictive behaviors to be happy or content. Kickboxing will make it easier to find the happiness form within, especially after taking out your frustrations out on a punching bag or imaginary opponent.

You will be able to defend yourself.

Kickboxing will give you the skills and confidence to fight and stand up for yourself if that dreadful day were ever to come. After learning how to block , duck and punch, you will walk talker, without easily being intimidated by people. The time will come, where you look mean men in the eye without fear; and start speaking up for yourself against your arch nemeses without being timid and always avoiding conflict. Finally, you won’t constantly be looking down and being a doormat in fear of short-tempered people.

You will be fitter.

Kickboxing exercises  improve strength, endurance and flexibility, as well as power and balance. Having all of the above qualities is the definition of youth. If you have flexibility and balance you won’t easily be injured. If you have strength and endurance, you will be able to keep going until you have completed the task. If you have power, well, you can knock ’em out!

You will be treated equally.

Male, female, young and old, advanced and beginner, all take the same class, which makes it easier to learn from fellow students. And, the Sensei or instructor will always be there to guide you on proper execution of techniques.

You will have discipline.

Kickboxing teaches you discipline and perseverance. You will have the discipline to avoid conflicts and to stay grounded; and you will also have the perseverance to fight till the very end, whether it be to achieve your own personal fitness goals, a championship, a medal or simply to preserve your life when facing the enemy.

So what do you have to lose if you take up a kickboxing as your sport of choice? Only fear! So, welcome to kickboxing and we hope that you kick ass in your workouts. If you ever feel that you need an extra push. Just push a button and get in touch with us. We are always here to motivate you to be the best you that you can be, because: Every unique individual deserves to be the best version of themselves. This way, the world is a better place. So fight for a better you and a better world.

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