How Not To Fear Competition Or Opponents

The main reason that we fear our opponents, or our competition, lies in our instinctive fear of pain.


The fear of pain holds us back from moving forward.


Unless we move forward, we cannot make the move to strike our opponents with those all-important hook punches and upper cuts. If we don’t move forward, we’ll never be able to win with a knockout. Pain is the price we have to pay for victory, in combat sports, as well as other sports and fitness disciplines. Fitness experts like to say: No pain is no gain.


Pain is scary. But, we need to get over it.


We need to get used to it. And the only sure way to get used to pain is to expose ourselves to pain multiple times. Sure, the bruises will look ugly, but those will fade fast enough along with the pain. And as our bruises fade so will the fears of pain. And, since the pain won’t kill us, we’ll be even stronger.


With less fear and more strength, we’ll be braver and go in, on the offensive.


In order to win it, we have to move in, towards and up close to our opponents. Those jabs and front kicks shouldn’t scare us. All that we have to do is hold our guards up and counter every strike with powerful blocks. We have to do all of that while moving forward and never being pushed backward. If we stand strong and keep moving forward on the offensive, never have to feel our backs against the ropes. We’ll be well grounded in our solid fighting stances. As we move forward, we won’t be put off-balance. We won’t be shaken or moved. But, the crowd will be moved and cheer for us when they see how brave and victorious we are. We will be heroes.


We fear being alone more than we fear pain.


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Don’t be afraid that you are in the ring fighting your opponent alone. Even though kickboxing is an individual combat sport. Never forget that you are part of a team. You got to this far with people backing you up; training you; supporting you; sponsoring you and being there in your corner. The thing we fear more than anything or anyone is being alone. But, you are not alone. We are all fighting with you. This is your moment – this is our moment. So bring back the medal, the belt or the cup for your team. A victory for you is a victory for all of your supporters. So, have no fear. Your team is here. We are right there, in the ring, in spirit with you.