Kickboxing beginners doing advanced workouts

Benefits of Doing Advanced Kickboxing Exercise Workouts From the Beginning

My names is Estelita Scott and this is why I believe that beginners should do advanced exercise workouts, especially in kickboxing.

There are a few concepts that I do not share with most of the fitness industry regarding workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes.

People can be grouped according to their level of fitness. However, I do not believe that people have to do different forms of exercise according to their fitness level.

Why the fitness industry makes exercises easy for beginners

An entire industry has been created on the premise that people have to progress from easy exercises to harder exercises.

One of the selling points of most big gyms is their exercise machinery which can be adjusted by manipulating the levers and tension points to make workouts easier. For instance, you could do 10 or even 20 pullups with the assistance of a pull-up machine.

The truth is that doing such exercises as pull-ups with assistance will only give you a false sense of achievement and very slow and negligible results. In turn you will start believing that it will take many months at the gym to start seeing results which is also a myth. This could even tempt you to give up on gym and exercise all together. This is why no gym in the world has ever had a member called Estelita Esmarelda Scott. I personally never held a gym membership because of some of the above reasons.

There are no exercises that are specifically for beginners or advanced athletes. Beginners should attempt advanced exercises. The effort put into the attempt is what will work your muscles. With exercise, it’s not about completion of movements, it’s about effort that you put into attempting them.

So, it’s better to put effort into attempting one pull-up than to actually complete 20 pull-ups with the assistance of gym equipment. The same goes for push-ups. Rather do one pushup or even halfway of a pushup with perfect form and be exhausted afterwards than do 50 pushups in bad form. That one difficult push-up will engage your muscles in whole, and best of all those muscles will be engaging in the correct movements. At least this is how I, Estelita Scott, does it.

Muscles have to learn to work together to do movements properly. If you repeatedly teach your muscles to do movements wrong or in the easy way, they will never learn to work together to do the correct motions.

Some muscles are very lazy and dormant, causing the most used muscles to do all the work. This is what happens when you regress to doing exercise movement in an easy way by cheating. By cheating you won’t see results because the muscles that you engage are already very strong and powerful and very energy efficient. This means that they will not require any more energy from say your fat stores that you want to reduce, and they won’t grow stronger or bigger than they are.

When muscles don’t grow, it means that your body is not getting any stronger or toned. When your muscles aren’t using much energy it means that you aren’t losing weight.

So the message here is that even and especially if you are a beginner, you should push yourself and attempt to do advanced exercises.

Be warmed though, that I am not saying attempt to lift twice your body mass in barbells when you have never learnt to lift weights in your life. No. There are some exercises that require a certain level of skill and muscle strength to prevent injury. Always put your safety first. But, don’t be too afraid to push your boundaries either.

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