List Of Johannesburg Gyms Offering Free Trials

I want to try out a few different gyms in Johannesburg free. I think it would help me get out a bit and meet new people. I am sick of seeing the same old faces at my club.

I have been a member at my current kickboxing club for almost a year and I feel it is time for change (even if only temporary), before it starts driving up the walls.

Sometimes you just need to go out of your comfort zone and see what is out there.

I have a sense of loyalty towards the club, but I have to be loyal to myself first.

I need some excitement in my life. Therefore, to curb my boredom and to increase my motivation, I want to try new gym equipment.

Here is a list of Johannesburg gyms offering free trials that I, Estelita, am going to review.

  1. JustGym offers a weeklong free trial of their group exercise program. The website says they have no frills and no expensive extras.
  2. Go Health Club offers a free session at their “top notch” facilities. I wonder if the customer service will also be top notch.
  3. Planet Fitness is offering one-week free trial with “no obligation to join”. I have already been there twice with a friend who had a platinum membership that allowed one guest per session. That was in Cape Town, though. This is Joburg.
  4. Viva Gym offers a free day pass if you fill in a form on their website, which means that I first had to give them my details in exchange for a free pass. On the day I took the trial,  I filled in my details which included my ID number. They also took a photo of me too, which was a bit intrusive because they didn’t tell that they would take my picture. After filling the form, I got a quick sales speech by the same reception guy who helped me fill in the form. The next day, the same guy gave me a sales call to try and sign me up. The gym is nice, especially because they have an option to pay month on month, but I live a bit far from their Rosebank branch. So, I can’t commit to actually joining their gym, if I’m unlikely to go often enough to make it worth my while.
  5. EFC Gym is offering one free week pass which I think I should try.
  6. Fight Sports Centre – MMA Gym is offering 30 new prospective members a free week. They have a sign-up form on their website. I will have to start out with them because it is a limited time offer but I feel too unfit to do an intense MMA class. I will have to see.

That is just a quick list I made using DuckDuckGo Search for gyms that offered free trials in Johannesburg. There are more gyms to add to the list, but I will have to start somewhere on my short list and start posting reviews. I am taking my fitness journey one free gym trial at a time.

I will be updating this post as and when I try out the gyms. If decide to do an in-depth review I will link to them from here. I encourage you to try a new gym for free before you commit. If you are not 100% sure that you love the gym, do not fold to any pressures from gym sales people to join any memberships. A membership could bind you to long-term commitments that could land you on the credit bureau black list. Do not let your pursuit of health be unhealthy for your credit record. Happy free-trialling and be careful.


4 thoughts on “List Of Johannesburg Gyms Offering Free Trials

    1. I also didn’t know, 😊. I have to get in contact with one of these gyms. Now, that I’ve broadcast my little plan to review these gyms, I can’t chicken out no matter how lazy I am. I’m very lazy these days. The first gym I want to try is Go Health, because it seems to be higher end. I like high end facilities. Kickboxing and MMA halls are so stuffy and the opposite of high-end. 😂

      Sorry I replied late. I reply to every comment. For some readon I didn’t get notified. I’ll have to fix that. Thanks for showing interest in the blog.

      Feel free to message me for fitness tips on the house. I’m happy to share some of my secrets with you.

      Have a wonderful day.

  1. That’s such a good idea! Nothing beats trying out new gyms. It took me awhile to find the right one here in my city.

    1. I actually went in to one of the gyms
      ( Viva Gym in Rosebank) on the list. One of the fitness trainers told me to apply for a free pass online and that it would be immediate.

      So, I’ll either go in tomorrow or Saturday and document in instagram. I can’t wait to lift some weights 😅

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