Three Lessons From The School Of Hard Knocks

man boxing punch in ring


If you have not yet learnt to be tough – if you are too used to the comfortable life – you have a few lessons to learn from the school of hard knocks.

First Lesson:

Do not be too quick on the offensive. Give your opponent an opportunity to show you his strengths and weaknesses. It is very important, at this stage, to keep your chin down, your eyes locked to his, and your guards up.

You want to have a feel for your opponent’s game, in this instance. You want to know the reach of his jabs and power if his hooks. You, however do not, want him knocking you out with an uppercut, while your back is against the ropes. Therefore, it is very important, here, to keep your ground; and do not let him get the better of you. Move in closer, going in for “the kill” not forgetting to block his punches and kicks, especially those coming for your face.

Lesson Two:

After you have taken a few punches, taking measures not to let him knock you down, you have an assessment your opponent’s skills. Now you can go in on the offensive. Making sure that your face is blocked, go in hard and close. Punch your way through his ribs and torso, if you are shorter, but only at close range; give him high knee kicks, if his taller; and, occasionally, when you have the opportunity, reach out and punch him in the jaw.

Lesson 3:

It will be tiresome but try to knock him out. Do not save any energy for the next round or tournament. This is your one chance. Go hard or go home. Give it your all, or leave here with nothing. You have been training so hard for so many hours. Do not let it all be in vain.